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Our Mission

Boston Cryogenics LLC provides next generation cryogenic cooling solutions through relentless innovation.  Leading industrial expertise and superior service enable our customers’ success in their advanced technical endeavors.


Dr. Chao Wang

Dr. Chao Wang brought his technology to the cryogenic industry and became the first person to commercialize the 4 K pulse tube (PT) cryocooler in 1999 after 8 years of research in academia.  He has developed many variations of PT cryocoolers and the largest GM cryocoolers on the market, and developed many advanced cryogenic cooling systems including lab-scale helium liquefiers/re-liquefiers, cold helium circulation systems, and closed cycle vibration-free 1 K and 4 K systems, etc.

He received various recognitions including the Roger W. Boom Award from the Cryogenic Society of America in 2000 and the 2019 Innovator of the Year from the Manufacturers Association of Central New York. 

Dr. Wang published over 100 scientific papers and co-edited a book “Cryogenic Engineering and Technologies: Principles and Applications of Cryogen-Free Systems (CRC Press, 2019)”. 

Core Values


Pursue the best solution via relentless innovation


Apply advanced technology solutions


Provide expert support to ensure customers' success

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